Soul Plateau - Concrete Ghosts (Download)

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Debut Album 'Concrete Ghosts' by Soul Plateau.

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This album takes the listener through a medley of melodies and bleeds through a range of emotions. It is unpredictable and imaginative, yet highly crafted to change pace just at the right moment to keep the sonic structure in a constant state of flux. Each track has its own clear identity and mood, yet fits in with the quirky patchwork quilt of ideas that are encompassed in the album as a whole. Each listen brings new nuances to the forefront, and envelopes the senses. Would make an excellent film score to a multitude of genres, Soul Plateau is definitely an original new artist to look out for!

1. Suntory – A gorgeous opening track, carrying the listener along on a full body of sound, yet aching empty melancholy as it goes. Conjures up images, of crashing waves, spinning lights and speeding traffic.

2. Lock - Carefully crafted harmonious layers, echo rhythms and sentiments, of a lonely heart. With a soulful voice, redolent of that of Bon Iver, this song stops you in your tracks, and forces you to have a long hard stare in the mirror.

3. Cut Free – Taking a more electronic approach to vocals, this third track again manages to evoke strong sensations through such simple layers of sound. Like waking up early after a blissful dream, and realising it’s Saturday.

4. Contemplated – A hopelessly romantic fourth tune, in that it feels hopeless and romantic in equal measures! A heavier bass carries this along, and then fades out leaving a sweet tasting end in ones mouth. Think ice cream melting down a child’s arm on a sunny day.

5. Firing – Reflective of being trapped in a never ending circle, washed out in a space of static which builds into a symphony of electronic melody, like a lucid dream you painfully grasp to remember.

6. Schwimmend – Nursery rhyme beginnings, twinkle in this song, and progress into a lucid fantasy that saturates the senses, lifting the spirit to a beautifully regressed state.

7. Clarity- An ironically ambiguous track given its title, drifting hazily between states of apathy and awareness, putting the listener in a stubbornly lethargic trance.

8. Coil to Keys- An intense, fluttering out of the breath start to this track, with a nervous energy that evokes a ‘butterflies in the stomach’ sense of excitement. This then progresses to an eerie internal broadcast, speaking to the listener and concluding the album in a dark and twisted finale. Like something straight out of a David Lynch film!